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beware of this

If you are epileptic then beware. the program flashes to the point of making a normal person sick. it does this on iPad 2 and air. pick another program as they dont appear interested in fixing the issue.

Had potential, but fatally flawed

This game could have been great, even with such a narrow scope. However, the driving portion of the game usually turns into a blank screen, the firefighting game has clunky controls, and the touch-to-explore fire engine element is poorly animated and oddly voice acted. I wish the developers tried harder. Weve had this game for over a year and there has been no update to fix the unusable driving game that always turns into a blank/black screen. Why would they want to confuse all of these little kids with a broken (but not free) game?

Wont stop flashing

This game was great at first but during the driving part of the game, the screen flashes the town and village image so fast its like a blinding seizure inducing strobe light. I immediately deleted the game for fear of inducing a seizure. Its too bad because the concept is great and my son really enjoyed it

Minor glitches

Okay app for my 4 year old. He really enjoys driving the truck. However, sometimes the game appears to freeze and yo cant select different views of the fire truck. Also, when you are driving the truck, the horn stays on even when it is turned off...very annoying but can be stopped by restarting the game.


This app is my childhoods dream! Too bad there were no touch pads when I was a kid. At least, I could now buy this for my kid. Fantastic app!

Cool truck app

This app is every childs dream! Has lots of features to tinker with and the sound effects are solid. Everything works fine; the app fits the description. For my child, it is so much fun to drive around the room with it or to try to locate the missing parts.

Limited and boring

Very limited game. Driving the truck - slow graphics, basically its a camera view with some buttons for horn and if kids walk at a normal speed, the camera becomes all blurry. Both of my 4 year olds did not play for more than 2 min. Waste of money.

Wont open

Just bought it and I cant open it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not working

Application is not loading under ios8


This is a interactive 3d educational app, kids can play the firetrucks as they like, the truck will react to kids interaction via sound effects and action, kids always love this kind of toy

Nice app

Quite a nice app for children to know about an occupation. This app introduce decent information about firemen and their main role. This app very interactive.

This is interesting

This is interesting, do very detailed. This can education fire prevention for children.


My son loves fire trucks, his face lights up everytime we see one in the street and he runs around the house in a firemans helmet making the noise a fire truck makes. He was delighted when I purchased this app for him. It has mind blowing graphics and great sounds, its also very informative and entertaining.


this game is really fun. i like it

Great game

This i a very fun game, the graphics are great and i really like the 3D aspect of it. I would say that this game is kind of addicting :P Overall, great game! you should get it


This kept my nephew occupied for about an hour while I did some work (yes!!). Ive been looking for something to keep him occupied and I think I found it!


Very cute for kids who like fire trucks but I dont really see this as one they will go back to again and again. The driving is cute but got pointless, the game only lets you destroy 99 fires and that one is done and the controls to rotate around the fire truck dont always work.

not worth the price

The app is acceptable and good for kids who like playing with fire trucks, but 1.99, though not expensive, is not the right price for the app, at most .99.

Boys will love it

Of course my young boy is crazy about toy cars and firetrucks are definitely on the top of that list. This one is realistic and the kids can interact with the fire trucks and they just love it

For kids

Just another simple interactive app, which is not bad, just not worth 1.99.

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